HI Friends,

Wish you all a very Happy Christmas Weekend!

Due to Christmas I am specially posting Jesus Photography which I have clicked at Amsterdm.

The photograph that i originally click was a little blur, because i have not used tripod. And unfortunately i only click one picture as there was quite a crowd. Still i tried to edit this photograph as best i can.

Still Photography Tips

Jesus Photography
Merry Christmas
  • Exposure – 1/25 Sec at f/4.0
  • Focal Length – 24mm
  • ISO – 640
  • Flash – No
  • Lens – 18-55mm f3/5
  • Text Added – Yes
  • Any Filter used – No
  • Lighting Conditions – Low
  • Editing Done – Yes
    • Cropping – 5 X 7
    • Exposure, Highlights and whites – Reduced a little
    • Shadows and black – Enhanced
    • Lens Correction – Done
    • Sharpening – Enhanced a little but it causes little noise in images
    • Noise reduction – Not done

For this photograph also i have used by NIkon D5300 DSL.

Have a look at Nikon D5300

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Nikon D5300 India
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