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Today i am shareing one more collection from My travel diary of Amsterdam which is Rijksmuseum.

Its a wonderful art gallery having so beautiful paintings, art work, potraits and so many stuff filled with creativity and beauty. Almost 4 to 5 hours, I spend there. I wanted to see everything there.

I clicked so many photographs there by closing my left eye that by the end of this trip i was feeling that my one eye almost got senseless. Beacuse I rarely get chance to capture such kind of creative art work in my camera. And when you are a budding photographer and has curiousity for photography so such kind of awesome places gives you lots of opportunities to experiment and groom your photography skills. Its a must watch for art lovers and Photography lovers. But at that moment I had just brought a new camera so all images were not good. So in this photography article, I am sharing you one of the best one I had from my amsterdam travel.

So, do you wanna know how i clicked this photograph?

Still Life photography by vishal rajoria
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Art Work photography

Still Life photography tips

  • Location – Indoor
  • Light – Bulb yellow low light
  • Exposure – 1/15 sec at f/3.5
  • Focal length – 18 mm
  • ISO Speed Rating – ISO800
  • Flash -No
  • GPS : 52°21’36” N 4°53’7″ E
  • Image Editing Done – Yes
    • Cropping – No
    • Exposure – Increased a Bit
    • Highlights/Whites – Reduced
    • Shadows/Black – Increased a very little
    • Clarity – Increased
    • Noise – Very less
    • Tone Curve -No Change
    • Resizing – Yes
    • Lens – 18-55mm
  • Camera- Nikon D5300

Let me know how you find this piece of photography technique.

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