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From my travel diary, I am publishing another photograph form Amstermdam. This pic was clicked at Dam Square in Amsterdam which is considered as town square there. At evening there was so much of crowd of visitors there and as the evening was reaching its peak more and more visitors you could see there. From this square you may find so many street which can take you for shopping , food and fun.

So among so much crowd i have found a corner where i saw some of Horse carriages standing waiting for theirs passengers to take them on ride. They are looking very scenic and giving a very Vintage look natuarlly. The moment was perfect for life photography, but the issue was crowd, I want to take a perfect picture but there was so much crowd and the horse carriages were coming and going with passengers. I really have shortage of time as i have to visit a lots more places and one day left. But still to take a perfect shot i waited for 40 minutes at a place.

I have not got a perfect shot but got 2 very beautiful photographs. 1 i am sharing with you and another i will share with you after little development

Life Photography Tips

  • Exposure – 1/500 sec at f/4.5
  • Focal Length – 34 mm
  • ISO 200
  • Flash – No
  • Location – Dam Square Amsterdam
  • Time of Day – near about 5 PM
  • Weather – Partially cloudy
  • Sunlight – No at time of Photograph
  • Editing Done – Yes
    • Cropping – Yes
    • Exposure – No change
    • Contract – Increased to 74
    • Temprature – Increased to 6490
    • Highlights –  Reduced to -5
    • Shadow-  Reduced to 17
    • Whites – Reduced to -62
    • Blacks – Reduced to -29
    • Vibrence – Reduced to
    • Saturation – Reduced to
    • Hue – Yellow +100, Orange -100
    • Tone Curve highlights – Reduced to -48


Life Photography before and after development

  • Camera that i used to take this photograph is again my favourite – Nikon D5300 24.2MP Digital SLR Camera with AF-P 18-55mm VR Kit Lens

Have a look at Nikon D5300

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Nikon D5300 India
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