Today I have come up with another photography from my travel diary to Paris. This time photograph is during the Seine River cruise. As I have told you , It was a rainy day on my day of visit, so sun light is turning on and off. When i boarded the cruise, It was slight rain but after few minutes when rain has stopped and I got some of amazing clicks.

One of such beautiful click I am sharing with you in this post. Although the raw shot that i have clicked was really beautiful but i have added a little sunlight in this photograph because when i saw the scenery the i was visualizing in my imagination had sunlight.
It’s all about how you imagine a photograph. So please find my raw photography, with Nikon DSLR, settings and learn how i have edited this photograph

Seine River Cruise Photography Tips

  • Aperture: f/4
  • Exposure time or Shutter Speed: 1/2000 seconds
  • ISO Speed: ISO-2000
  • Focal Length: 18 mm
  • Flash mode: No Flash
  • Editing Done: Yes. I have edited this image in 3 parts, Sky, Water and Land area
    • Sky Editing – Introduces sunlight and Increased the cloud’s visibility, using Graduated Filter layer in Adobe Lightroom. You can do this using Adobe Photoshop or  any other  image editing software. Here what matters is below photo editing settings.
      • Exposure: Reduced to -1.45
      • Contrast: Increased to +21
      • Highlights: Reduced to -8
      • Shadows: Reduced to -41
      • Clarity: Increased to +14
      • Saturation: Increased to 45
      • For introducing Yellow sunlight effect. Create a new layer on the sky and increase the temperature till you get your required sunlight. Adjust exposure and contrast as per your sunlight effects need.
    • Landscape are Editing – I have created a new radial shape layer in adobe lightroom and introduced sunlight effects on land as below:
      • Temperature: Increased to 71
      • Exposure: Increased to 0.75
      • Contrast: Increased to +45
      • Highlights: Reduced to -45
      • Shadows: Reduced to -16
      • Clarity: Increased to +3
      • After that used the Brush tool to erase this effect from water and sky. Just keep this only on bridge and land area only
    • Seine River Enhancements: Again i have created a separate layer of graduated filter for enhancing water colors and used below settings
      • Temperature: Reduced to -21
      • Clarity: Increased to 49

Have a look at Originally clicked image below

Seine River Cruise Paris Photography
  • Camera Maker: Nikon Corporation
  • Camera Model: Nikon D5300

You can have a look at Nikon D5300 24.2MP Digital SLR Camera with AF-P 18-55 mm VR Kit Lens below:

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Nikon D5300 India


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