Here comes another beautiful shot of Mountain Photography from my Travel Diary to Mount Titlis Switzerland. I have also posted my first post on mountain photography from same location.

Perspective of Photograph

I have visited in March end in Switzerland. The beauty of the day was Sunshine on the snow, over mount Titlis. The Sky was so flow decorated by white clouds. In perspective of this photograph you can see

  1. Snow over mountain
  2. Sunshine over Snowy mountain
  3. Shadows of mountain peaks on the snow
  4. Dark blue to light blue gradient of the sky
  5. Sky Decorated with beautiful pattern of white clouds
  6. Reflection of blue sky on some mountain peak areas

As i have told in my previous posts also, when you are a beginner you wont able to capture exactly what you want. But, with post production you can give reality to your imagination and perspective. So have a look at details of the camera settings and post production done for the same.

Mountain Photography Tips

DSLR Camera setting for this image is below:

  • Camera Mode: Manual
  • Aperture: F 13
  • Shutter Speed: 1/640 s
  • ISO: ISO 200
  • Focal Length: 18 mm
  • Lens: Lens used is AF-P 18-55mm VR Kit Lens.
  • Flash: Not used
  • Time of the Day : Mid Day
  • Weather condition: Explained in perspective

Below is the unedited photograph with above settings

Post Production Techniques

I have used Adobe Lightroom for editing of this photograph, but same settings can be applied with other photograph editing software.

Editing done on mountains

  1. Increased temperature of the photograph, such that sunlight becomes more visible. I have increased temperature to +48
  2. Increase exposure a bit so that to brighten the image. I have increase exposure to 0.78
  3. Contrast is increased to 50
  4. To balance the side effects  of exposure, i have reduced highlights to -10
  5. To have awesome effects of shadows on the mountains, reduce Shadows of the image to -37
  6. I have increase the clarity of the image to 52, saturation to 13 and sharpness to 20
  7. Although, the above changes brings life to the photograph but introduced noise to photograph, so to overcome noise i have done noise reduction to 70

So out mountains are done, not its time for sky

Editing Sky in Adobe Lightroom

  1. Temperature reduced to -60
  2. Exposure increased to +80
  3. Highlights reduced to -60
  4. Clarity increased to +77
  5. Noise reduction applied to +62

So here is Final Image for the beautiful view at Mount Titlis Switzerland

I have  NIkon D5300 Digital SLR camera, You can have a glance at the camera below:

 United Kingdom  Others  India
Nikon D5300 India


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