This street photography clicks are taken on roadside street in Finland few days back, in really freezing weather. This photography piece is outcome of my experiment in adobe lightroom. My intention was to create monochrome image, but when i experimented with colors, red color in the image add addition beauty to these images.

Prespective of clicking the photographs

In all the three photographs above, primary prespective is combination of red Bench and street light. Secondary prespective are snow and buildings

Street Photography Tips

DSLR Camera settings

  • Camera Mode: Manual
  • Aperture: F/4.0
  • Shutter Speed: 1/15 s
  • ISO: ISO 2000
  • Focal Length: 26mm
  • White Balance Auto
  • Flash: Not used
  • Location: Near ISO Omena Mall, Espoo, Finland
  • Lightings: Low lighting with street lighting
  • Time of the day: Evening, near about 7:00 PM
  • Weather: Snowy

Again the Camera Used for the photography is Nikon D5300, with 55mm-300mm zoom lens

You can have a glance at the camera below:

 United Kingdom  United States  India
Nikon D5300 India

Post Production Photo-Editing Tips

  • Software used: Adobe Lightroom
  • I have increased temprature of Image to increase brightness in red color of bench
  • Exposure is increase very little as original image was in low light and i have not used tripod for this photograph, So cannot now lower shutter speed more to avoid blur and cannot increase ISO much to avoid noise. So increased exposure by lightroom
  • Reduce Highlights to bring down white in snow
  • Noise Reduction – 70%
  • Increase Saturation of Red to 100
  • Reduce Saturation fo all other color to 0

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