Recently I have traveled Italy and during journey, I have encountered beautiful mountain landscape. But the issue was foggy weather. I tried to capture some pictures using my Nikon D5300 DSLR but images was not so expected. So i have done lots of editing to remove the foggy effects. So i am writing this post to demonstrate my initial and after editing images.

I have clicked the photograph in the evening near about 8:00 PM from the flight but the beauty was i can see last sunshine of the day on mountain tops. It was so visually pleasant.
Original image is below:

DSLR Settings for this image

  • Weather: Foggy
  • Camera Mode: Manual
  • Aperture: F/5.0
  • Shutter Speed: 1/1000 s
  • ISO: ISO 100
  • Focal Length: 72mm
  • White Balance Auto
  • Flash: Not used
  • Location: On the way to Italy from Finland.
  • Lightings: Evening Low Light
  • Time of the day: Evening, near about 8:00 PM

Some explanation of above settings:

Why I have not reduced shutter speed less than 1/1000s?
– I have tried reducing, but more i reduce the shutter speed the more whiteness was appearing on the image. On the other hand, if i was trying to increase the shutter speed then, photo was losing its details. Therefore 1/1000s suits best

Why i have not enhanced ISO more than 100?
On Increasing the ISO image was improving a bit for sure but it was introducing more Noise. So out of Quality and noise. I was sure i can increase the clarity of the image using Lightroom but correcting Noise image maintaining quality is tough job. As when you increase clarity of a blurred image you know some noise will appear, So bring clarity in already noisy image is not preferable to me.

So here are some samples of Photographs after post production

Image After Post Photo Production

How photos are Edited ?

Original Photos are quite foggy and whitish but it has all the color pixels that we require to enhance the photographs. I have taken these photos in Nikon camera raw format.

After having look at the photos on my Laptop, I feel to do following changes and that worked.

  • Photos was little underexposed so I increase he exposure a bit
  • Photographs were seems to be bluish which means i have to raise the temperature of the raw file
  • Clarity of images is enhanced along with vibrancy and sharpness
  • To counterpart noise effects which come up as result of above step we need to do noise reduction
  • For sure there is need to add contrast to images
  • To bring out snow colors i have to increase whites and highlights and to bring out colors of soil i have to decrease shadows and blacks
  • Now there is too much blue in photographs than required so i reduced the saturation of blue color
  • Also i played with saturation and Luminance¬† ¬†of Red, Organe and Yellow
  • Magenta and Purple Saturation are reduced to almost -100

I have done photo editing of my raw files using Adobe Lightroom but you can apply these changes using any other photo editing software

Let me know in comment box how you find this article and how we can better edit such photograph

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