Correcting Low Light Night Street Photography

While Learning different aspects of Photography and DSLR camera, we all do photography mistakes that we do not realize while clicking, This photograph is one such example. I will not mention Camera settings of this photograph because its not worth for this photograph. We can not go back to same place always to correct the photograph. Thanks to Adobe photoshop and Light room to be a great helping hand for transforming bad clicked photograph.

Correcting Low light Photographs in Adobe lightroom

For Editing this photograph in Adobe Lightroom below steps to be followed:

  • Correct upright of the photograph
  • Crop the photograph to get desired frame
  • Auto tune the image. It will give a very strong foundation to your editing
  • Adjust exposure, temperature, shadows, highlights, clarity of the Image
  • Perform noise reduction.
  • Slight change in Hue, Saturation of Red, orange and yellow colors
  • For Changing colors of highlights and shadows make adjustments in Split Toning
  • Adjust tone curve of overall image.
Adobe Lightroom Tutorials by Vishal Rajoria
Correcting Photography mistake in Adobe Lightroom
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